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​Published at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Pembroke Magazine has been printed annually since its founding in 1969.

A Literary Welcome

Welcome to the online companion to Pembroke Magazine, where you'll find history, submission guidelines, archives, news, and more. Peruse the pages and get to know this unique publication, providing the best literary offerings from North Carolina and beyond since 1969.

The latest PM#50is here, full of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction ready to be devoured. Andrew Wyeth is haunted by his muse, Christina Olson; a matchmaking Virginia Woolf scholar hosts Thanksgiving dinner; a stuffed rabbit makes its appearance in the '90s Chapel Hill amateur comedy scene; a dying golfer takes his last swing; refugees cross the Mediterranean; the board game Clue gains some new suspects and weapons; a university groundskeeper stumbles upon a grisly surprise; and much more. Cover art by Mahirwan Mamtani.

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CURRENT EDITION:  Volume 50, featuring Levi Andalou, Deborah Bacharach, Stephanie Bane, Bryce Berkowitz,  Claire Bleecker, Terri Brown-Davidson, Charlene Logan Burnett, Anne Champion, Aaron Cole, Sara Crosby, Hollie Dugas, Tim Eberle, Jeff Ewing, Charlotte Gullick, Eric Janken, David Klein, Jinny Koh, Richard Krohn, Tom Lakin, James Lineberger, Glenna Luschei, Mahirwan Mamtani, T. S. McAdams, Joel Morris, Scott Nadelson, Benjamin Nash,  Amber Ruth Paulen, Susan Rich, Claire Scott, Ben Sloan,  Suzanne Farrell Smith, Richard Spilman, Matthew J. Spireng, David Starkey, Shelby Stephenson, Karen Wunsch, Eric G. Wilson, and Matt Zambito.


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