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This most recent issue of our literary  magazine contains poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction by writers living in eighteen states and abroad. Muhammad Ali’s greatness dances across the page, witnessed from multiple perspectives; a frustrated writer begins receiving mysterious bars of chocolate that may or may not be driving him crazy; a long-separated couple makes love as the Twin Towers fall on TV; a vulture does its terrible and necessary work; a young man and woman enjoy the romantic machinations of fate—or something else—in Venice; a man considers the many useless skills he’s accumulated in life; a college student risks her safety by hitchhiking back to campus with a mysterious trucker; and much more.  Cover art by Alexander Grigoriev.

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CURRENT EDITION: Issue 51, featuring Stephanie Austin, Robert Avery, Jan Ball, Grant Clauser, Sarah Jane Cody, Aaron Cole, Benjamin Cutler, Jim Daniels, Nina de Gramont, Ronald Dzerigian, Robert Fillman, Melissa Fraterrigo, Dina Greenberg, Vivé Griffith, Alexander Grigoriev, James Grinwis, William Huhn, Mark Jacobs, Jess E. Jelsma, Caitlin Johnson, Peycho Kanev, Teresa Milbrodt, Dan Moreau, Michelle Morouse, Cynthia Onni, Doug Ramspeck, John Warner Smith, Maura Stanton, Robert Joe Stout, Caroline Sutton, Ron Tanner, Graham Todd, Gina Troisi, Millie Tullis, Derek Updegraff, Jesse VanDusen, Larry Watson, Gabriel Welsch, and Anna Whiteside.

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